This service, financed by the MIFI, aims to facilitate the integration of refugees and immigrants in the various spheres of life: immigration, education, housing, income, health, justice, consumption, francization, interpretation, social integration and psychosocial adaptation. 

Our services

  • Assessment of needs 
  • Information on public services: health care system, school, daycare, government allowances, etc. 
  • Registration of children in school and daycare 
  • Assistance in obtaining essential documents: social insurance number, health card, etc. 
  • Assistance in finding housing 
  • Support, listening and advice 
  • Orientation and referral 

Permanent residents  

Assistance in filling out government forms: Canada Child Benefit, GST credit, solidarity tax credit, income security, etc. 

Temporary workers 

Assistance in filling out government forms: Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), work permit, Canada Child Benefit, GST credit, solidarity tax credit, etc. 

International students  

Help to fill out government forms: Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), study permit, work permit, Canada Child Benefit, GST credit, solidarity tax credit, etc. 

  • Application for permanent residence through the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) 
  • Renewal of study permit, post-graduation work permit 
  • Application for CSQ and permanent residence for protected persons 
  • Workshops to prepare for the Canadian citizenship test 
  • The values of Quebec society 
  • The school system, preparation for school 
  • The health care system 
  • And much more 
ICI-Famille et protection de la jeunesse (ICI-FPJ)

The mission of the intervenante communautaire interculturelle-famille et protection de la jeunesse is to provide personalized interventions to immigrant families experiencing family difficulties. 

ICI-FPJ works to inform and sensitize immigrant families with vulnerability factors in order to facilitate their understanding of the services available for families in difficulty and of youth protection services (in collaboration with the DPJ, the CIUSSS and CISSS). 

  • Information session on the safety, protection and well-being of children 
  • Information session on caring for children (0 to 17 years) 
  • Information session on the role of the Director of Youth Protection 
  • Information session on the services of the CISSS, CIUSSS and access to these services 

The Community Intercultural Family and Youth Protection Worker also acts as a liaison between vulnerable immigrant families and representatives of the Director of Youth Protection (DYP) or specialized youth protection services as well as the CISSS and CIUSSS according to their needs. 

ICI-Femmes - Accompagnement des femmes immigrantes

The position of the intervenante communautaire interculturelle pour les femmes immigrantes (ICI-Femmes) is a new position designated by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration, in support of the services offered to immigrants by the Programme d’accompagnement et de soutien à l’intégration. 

ICI-Femmes works with women who are at risk or victims of domestic violence, sexual violence or sexual exploitation.   

Also, ICI-Femmes acts as a mediator and facilitator between immigrant women with vulnerability factors and the specialized services they and their families need. 

  • Awareness, prevention, education and intervention  
  • Facilitation of access to specialized services and shelters  
  • Personalized accompaniment and establishment of an autonomy plan 
  • Promotion and awareness of healthy and equal relationships 
  • Accompaniment to appointments and access to interpreters 
  • Mediation between women and specialized services 

Le Projet JEUNESSE DU GRAND-MONTRÉAL is a support program for young people aged 14 to 25 who have recently arrived in Montreal and who need help with their settlement, integration and immigration procedures. This assistance takes the form of interventions, assistance from specialized services, monitoring and support, the holding of individual and collective events (cultural, recreational, sporting, educational, etc.), information sessions on topics that affect young people.

– Welcoming and actively listening
– Support in the search for services and activities
– Help solve problems
– Organize activities to promote integration in Quebec